by RoadkillSoda

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Rev it up! Sweat out, don't slow down, just take back control. Embroidered future with bad design, that corrects your inside world? Decline it! Criticism comes from those weak minded bodies. So, ignore them all! Live life full throttle! Ride away, die another day! Ride, ride, heaven's so far! Ride, strive, the day ain't over! Now I know what I'm looking for, My stretch of dirt! Every bruise follows my words, On my stretch of dirt!
Over and Out 04:02
Tell me, what’s that picture hanged up on the wall! Earthy colours sparkled with some dolls?!? Tastes change so quickly, I can’t keep up, And those folded shirts smell old, I need new ones. We are all pretenders according to them all, No worries there, keep your insights close. Don’t trap words in, let it all out. I will not surrender, I’m in control. I’m getting’out, I’m running free, I’m in, you’re out going crazy. Over and out. You’re running out, going crazy, You’re in, I’m out, I’m getting free. Over and out!
The game is on, we rolled the dice, mislead the guards, unwrap your ties. Can see the pleasure, walking by, temptations drawer is full tonight. Hei, there is no water to wash all sins away. Those burning eyes don’t mean a thing, crawl on your back, breath…deep. Shots are running through your veins, your legs are shaking, it’s just insane. Hei, there’s only fire to burn my wicked ways. It’s time to scream out your desires, It’s time to grasp until the end, Push more the boundaries of your pleasure, Don’t stop until the end. I’m rollercoaster, baby I’m pure madness, Come join the circus, come join the reckless, Just enjoy this time, Just enjoying my time.
Swan Song 04:55
I have a fear of death in disguise, in a wind blow…swan sing our demise. Gathered sheep, no shepherd in sight, awaiting in silence the wolves to come by. The Saviors are gone, Holly scripts set on fire, Weather is changing, it’s value decline. Preachers will tell the horsemen arrived, they know the hour, ‘cause they set the time. Out in the cold, with blood in my eyes, …things that I’ve seen…I rather go blind!
Satan 05:20
Drowned in fire, tryin' to swallow water comin' from a hollow morality. No will, just lies. Frameless pictures are changing vibes. I choose to smile so empty, while stealin' colours I'm tradin' grey. Should the wheels keep on steerin'? In front's nothin', sidewalls smile at me. Where do I go when I lose my mind? They can't find me in my box. Conquerors just lust for gold, Y'all to blame for throwin' stones! Where do I go when I lose my mind? They can't find me in my box. Conquerors just lust for gold, Y'all to blame for spittin' stones!
Had night covered in red wine, you we’re there, strippin’, my mind. Then stop telling me that I’m not worthy of things that I’ve got. Remember the struggles and cries? …damn believe me I’ll find my way. I’ve got troubles with my way of life, you’re inside, gambling, never scarred. You keep turning around, I still breathe when I’m down, Beloved demon be kind, we share this body but I’ll find my way. Somebody better be waiting for me home.
You see them all around lurkin’at your life, that’s something they don’t have. Sharp claws to type doesn’t matter what, As you already know, you’re gonna meet them anyhow! Frustrated by their own existence, Watch out for the next meal, ‘çause it might be your last one. To win the game you have to learn their secrets, As you saw before, you’re gonna meet them anyhow! Watch out, they’ll come your way. Shoot down, those birds of prey. Hold on, don’t look away, Shoot down, them birds of prey!
Broken Gun 04:06
Last night I’ve drowned in my own lies, You’ve never pulled the curtain to watch behind. I don’t believe you have a gun, I don’t believe you’ll ever do it. You don’t know how to grab the sun, you don’t know how much it burns. I looked too close to realize the rest of the dots that make the line. Was nothing I could ever do? Hope you’ll find a better light. Lost between regrets and abuse, I got so lost and confused. I hope you’ll find a better sun. I wish you’ll find a broken gun. I still hold a bullet and a smile. Believe, the sun will always shine. You know, sometimes, I wanna call to know your’re right, You know, I’m not fine, see a better me….you’re blind. Have you ever felt chocked by your life With a vivid thought that you’ve almost died? I feel it every day and every fuckin’ night!
When it’s lost, I need it, when I find it, I don’t care anymore. I could have cared more. When there’s gas, I floor it, If it stops, I don’t care anymore. I could have cared more. When there’s time, I’ll waste it, When there’s not I think more could be done, I could have cared more. When it’s tight, I feel it, then the noose doesn’t get loose anymore. Judge and jury, I’m both. All the oceans sailed, all the mountains climbed! Lost and found today, Gone a million miles away, break the rules and save the day, Lost and found today!
Wake Up 03:28
Is it right for me to challenge my mirror, If I don’t like what I see when I look closer? Blood comin’ trough my feet, Barefoot walkin’on my sins. Deepest hole I’ve dug, I need it To hide my tongue that speaks. Burned my eyes, so I can’t see. Plucked my nails, so I can’t scratch. Break my legs so I can’t walk, Now I’m caring my cross! Wake up, pin a nail in me! Wake up, rip my skin! Please, save me!
Hourglass 03:48
Chosen stones cover up the path, A future wrong, seen in the past, Empty house, now filled with regrets. It’s second time I need you to tie my laces, Last firm grasp, of things I’ve wasted, Monochrome picture on a granite cenotaph. Pull a smile of me, then I can go, Lay me on a table where a river flows, Then pray for me, I don’t mind at all, Break the hourglass, let my spirit go.


released May 30, 2020


all rights reserved



RoadkillSoda Bucharest, Romania

Low life, low end, lo-Fi
Hi-Fi needs to die!

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